Reflection + Intention: August + September

As I approach 33 at the end of this week, I thought I'd follow Jacki's lead in taking the time to review the past month and to set intentions for the month ahead.

September was always my favorite month for two reasons - it being my birthday month and the crisp feeling of "a fresh start" that I've always associated with it. Crunch of fall leaves, a new backpack, an empty notebook or two to scribble words upon. Even though I'm now a 32 year-old living in Southern California (our little bit of fall comes around the end of October), I still get excited for the approach of this favorite month. And I'm totally buying a new notebook.

So better late than never, here we go:

The two things I’m most celebrating from August are:

1. A new home. If anyone had told me I'd be living on the other side of LA come August, I would've had a not-very-minor meltdown. But after many years of living in Venice and Santa Monica it was time to make a change. We found a treehouse-like home nestled right into the hills of Silver Lake and directly across from two of our best friends (four if you count their amazing baby girl Bowie and pup Marvin).  

My favorite parts so far? My yoga room that overlooks the sun-drenched hills. Being able to wave to our friends as they head to work. Not having a TV and just loving up our record collection. The hidden staircases all throughout this neighborhood. And the eclectic collection of coffee shops, boutiques and green space all throughout.

2.  Grounding. While we did move in in August, I also had a chaotic travel schedule and traveled to Quebec and Colorado to teach. Through quiet time, meditation and my onslaught of herbs and teas I stayed pretty grounded. Only a couple of freak outs and a minor head cold.

The two things I’m most grateful for from August are:

1. Framily. In the short time we've lived here we've had our framily visit - the entire Hynes clan, my parents and so many of our friends who live close by. One of my reasons we moved was to see our crew on a regular basis and it's so fun to have our friends just pop by. And so very, very fun to show my parents a whole new side of LA they've hardly seen. 

2. Creativity. I feel that I'm slowing down enough now to start to tap back into that quieter, more creative voice inside. And I've really missed her and am ready to make words, art, classes, projects!

Anything to release or let go of from August, speak now: Complaint. No time or energy for it.

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from August is: In order to make things happen you have to speak them.

My intention word for September is: Home. Creating home with me wherever I go and most certainly cultivating it here, where I live.

One thing I aim to do every day in September is: Write. Not necessarily publicly but for me! I want to spend time scribbling and letting my mind wander and just getting words on paper. Especially in a Moleskine notebook.

Because I am brave, here are two new/scary things I will do in September:

1. Say no. Say no to the things that I need to in order to carve out space to ground and create. Even if it feels hard.

2. Get on my mat. Now that I'm home I will spend time every single day on my yoga mat, even if I took a class at a studio. Getting back into relationship with my body and my creative whimsy.

The one book I definitely want to read in September is: Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton. Bought it yesterday and cannot wait to dive in.

Just for fun, I will.. spend an entire day at the ocean digging my toes into the sand and reading a trashy paperback.

As an act of intentional kindness, I will.. put together a care package full of goodies and surprises for a friend who is suffering.