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I’ve been looking forward to Thanksgiving break for months. Visions of bubble baths and finishing my coffee and reading in my childhood bed danced in my head. Seeing family and introducing baby boy. Spending time in the quiet town where I was raised. A day into our trip I got hit with the worst flu I’ve ever gotten. It turned into laryngitis and I’m still here hacking up a lung and without a voice. Ah, life. You’re annoying sometimes.

The Friday before we left we bundled up and I Theraflu-ed it up. We headed to the Omaha Zoo and to my favorite restaurant for my favorite meal - Sicilian lavosh at M’s Pub. It was a perfect day. Circumstances didn’t matter. We were together.

This trip slowed me to a halt. Something that hasn’t happened all year. It was necessary and it was honestly healing. It felt so good to be home and in my tiny town where I can still walk down the street and run into several people at a time who are praying for us and baby boy. I am so grateful.

LA has served me well. It has helped to “grow me up” and expand my perspective exponentially. But my heart will always feel most at home in the Midwest. Thank you for slowing me down and loving me up. ♥️