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This morning I was rushing around. Rushing to make my coffee. To make Baby A breakfast. To feed the dog. To answer my text messages. You know the drill. Just rushing.

We got to daycare and I went to pull him out of his car seat and I just looked in his eyes. The deepest, brownest eyes and he gave me a huge smile with his eight teeth showing.

He just learned to walk so I put him down and we walked over to a park bench outside where we just sat. I left my phone in the car and watched him take in the sky and the other kids and the plants along the sidewalk. I told him I loved him about twenty times.

Then, after several minutes of just sitting together, we walked hand in hand down the hallway for the first time, him stumbling and me so proud.

It was ordinary but it wasn’t at all. This was the best part of my day. And probably because I was finally paying attention.