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I flew to Austin a day early to prepare for a day of teaching with @jackicarr and @rockyourblisstomorrow. I’ve never been here and love the excitement of a new city, new coffee shops, new people.

I left a very sleepy crew at 5 am this morning. I paused and looked at them in bed before I left and thought “Wow, I am so blessed.” A snoring bulldog, a quiet(!) Baby A and my man all in a cuddle puddle on one side of the bed.

Tomorrow my husband will load up the car with a car seat, a stroller, a bag and a wild toddler and meet us in Austin. ✈️ He works tirelessly at his dream job at @vitalproteins, does an amazing job for our family, cooks most of our delicious dinners and seriously doesn’t complain about it.

We are a fiery, passionate duo and we put in the work in our relationship. Relationships require leaning in and compromising and a willingness to learn. It hasn’t always been pretty but I can definitely say we have always committed to doing the heavy lifting, with one other, with fostercare, with it all. I couldn’t imagine being on this life journey with anyone else.

Thank you for being my rock @matt_aporta. Happy early birthday babe. All the tacos and mezcal for you.

P.S. Good luck tomorrow. Download “Moana.” 🙈