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I have a quote posted to my bathroom mirror. It is by French sculptor Auguste Rodin and it reads : Patience is also a form of action.

I need to be reminded of these words every morning (and a few more times throughout the day.) I may look it but I’m not a patient person. When I get a place where I want to make a move or a shift or have something happen, I try to do it. But foster care has taught me that that’s not always an option. I can’t just hop on a plane with my family. I’m not making a move outta LA anytime soon. And certainties that I ache for are simply out of my control.

Of course this is frustrating. I am human and I have my moments of absolutely resisting this. But it’s also taught me to slow down and be with what is. To allow what is to be more than enough. And that’s patience right?.

So my passport isn’t getting much use but my heart is. And a walk around this lake can be the most satisfying in the universe if I’m willing to just be there. To be here.

These are lessons I’m learning over and over again. Sometimes in the sweetest, kindest way and sometimes in a straight up whirlwind of panic. But I’m listening. And I’m here.