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“We do not have to get it together before we show up.”

I read this Anne Lamott quote a few days and everything in me said YES. I remember having a conversation several months back about foster care. A friend of mine told me that we shouldn’t share, write or speak about what we are going through until we are complete with it. I totally understood what she was saying. That we should know why we are sharing something before we do. And I agree.

But I also wholeheartedly believe in sharing the mess. (I mean clearly... 😂) I spent a lot of my twenties absolutely convinced that other people had it figured out and I was behind. Come to find out there’s no equation that can solve all of life’s peaks and valleys. Just presence.

Here’s to baring our underbelly more often than not. To owning up to being human. To say “Yep, me too” rather than judge. Though our story lines might be different we ALL feel and experience the same things. I wanna feel it all.