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This was me trying to plan out my week last Monday. Trying being the key word here. Baby A was home from school so we had a date day. Parks and coffee shops and kabobs for lunch. And for some reason I thought he would be perfectly fine with his toys while I got out my planner and notebook. Ha. Sometimes my new-ish mom naïveté cracks even me up.

I’ve been committing to truly designing my week. And by designing I mean putting in self care as well as emails and grocery shopping. Last week I told @meghmccoy on our @rockyourbliss podcast that I really wanted to commit to meditating and moving my body every week. Meditation used to be a mainstay and now my mornings are mostly about chasing a little human until he leaves for school. Meghan told me that she knows I’m a “feelings person” and if I don’t feel like doing something I don’t “have to” I don’t. Ugh. This is so true.

Her advice was this - plan your workouts and then do them. No matter what. And if you notice that you prefer yoga on Mondays instead of a bunch of push ups schedule that. But it truly boils down to this very important point - Do what you say you’ll do. Period. I’m pretty damn good at doing that for other people but it’s time to be doing it for myself.

My commitments :
+ Moving my body every week day. Sweaty practices like hiking, HIIT workout, Peloton and yoga. Weekends are for playing outside with my fam but left unscheduled.
+ Drinking 8+ glasses of water everyday and supplementing with @drinko2recovery, my favorite natural recovery drink. Oh and plenty of greens.
+ Meditating every weekday and on the weekends with husband when the stars align.

Okay time to get back to, you know, doing what I said I’d do. 👌🏼