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I scribbled this a few days ago as I sat alone in the window of Esperanza, my favorite lunch spot in Sayulita, after a week of leading a retreat and being in a completely different state of being. I don’t think I realized how much I was carrying until I arrived in Mexico and some of the layers began to peel off.
I truly thought I was “managing” pretty well but in retrospect, I was getting by.

Fifteen months of living with major uncertainty coupled with falling into the deepest love I have ever known had taken its toll. I was scared. Around the clock, gripping, contracted, trying to control.

Not much has changed about my external circumstances and I’m not sure when they will. None of us do. But I have complete choice in what I pay attention to, how I cultivate peace and who I’m being for myself and for the world.

I am peeling it off. Putting it down. I am committed to living lighter.