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Oh March. You were beautiful. You were challenging. You were everything that 2019 has been so far for me.

Some moments:
+ Teaching for the first time at @kripalucenter with @rockyourbliss. Silent breakfasts were pretty damn nice.
+ Diving back into life practice with my coach who has changed my whole world.
+ Returning to Sayulita for our @rockyourbliss retreat. Re-affirmed that it’s one of my soulmate kinda places. And that the right people always show up.
+ Going dark for a few days with foster care. Felt immense fear and remembered I don’t live that way anymore. I am tending to and protecting my peace. However necessary.
+ Having my first Reiki experience. Then two more. Bliss rocked.
+ Baby molars coming in. Bliss definitely not rocked.
+ Lots of sweaty pursuits in the yoga room, on the @onepeloton, with @theclass, in the yoga pagoda at @hotelito_los_suenos. And a lot of rehydrating with my drink of choice @drinko2recovery.
+ Trying on believing in magic and miracles and leaving the skeptic in me behind.
+ Having some serious conversations with my husband @Matt_aporta to realign and recommit to just us. Shedding these layers of the last year’s tension and of the past. Also date nights are a must.

Taking a moment to say thank you and goodbye to a month (...lifetime?) that has really shown me how I can truly thrive and where I keep myself stuck. This evolution is a privilege. (Also I’d really like a maca milkshake from @la_esperanza_sayulita right now. Meet there in 15 @jackicarr? 😉)