I used to believe that change only came from big, bold moves. Like breaking up with a partner, moving across the country, quitting a job. When my mind told me to do something I often acted upon. Until I came across the revolutionary but simple idea that I am not my thoughts. Since then I’ve found that my most profound transformation has occurred not because of big, outward actions but instead conscious inquiry and intention. The moves come after that.

I believe in keeping an open heart. I believe in vulnerability. I believe in taking radical responsibility and ownership of our words and actions. I believe in boundaries. I believe in loving up the present moment because that's what's happening so you might as well work with it. 

And we can work with it. What lights you up? What's holding you back? Where can you create some fierce boundaries?

There is absolutely nothing you could bring to the table that doesn't have freedom on the other side of the effort you will put forth in your work with me. I coach because I am genuinely invested in your growth.

Ten percent of the quality of your life is dependent on what happens to you and 90 percent is based on how you respond. It's a practice. And we can practice together. 

I coach from my own experiences and I coach from what I've learned through studying my teachers and inspirations like Byron Katie, Pema Chodron and Martha Beck, as well as over fifteen years of practicing yoga and meditation. I'm also the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a world renowned yoga-inspired coaching company. I'm committed to keeping my heart and mind open as both a student and teacher. 

My mix of yoga-inspired coaching is where intention meets action. 

During our session we we will dig in on where you are feeling stuck, create intentions, actions and rituals to create a sense of spaciousness and accountability to move forward.

We'll work together to uncover what lights you up, what’s holding you back, where you can create some fierce boundaries. And we will love up right where you are at. I'm here to walk with you side-by-side through this process.