I believe everything is a practice and that life is a divinely creative act. Ten percent of the quality of your life is dependent on what happens to you and 90 percent is based on how you respond. So why not craft a life practice that supports and inspires you? 

You have the ability to design your days, your relationships, and even your perspectives. To get out of your habits and into action. And to create the habits that support your most powerful, inspired self.

My mix of yoga-inspired coaching is where intention meets action. 

Welcome to the beginning. Before you lies a big blank canvas: your future. Together we'll envision your work of art. Your job, eventually, will be to throw a whole hell of a lot of paint on it. To create

Starting from where you are, we'll work together to uncover what lights you up, what’s holding you back, and to get you on track to living a life you love.

How it works: you'll get thoughtful week-by-week structure, transformative one-on-one phone sessions, personalized homework assignments, email check-ins, major support mixed with accountability, and carefully selected reading recommendations so you can go even deeper. Are you ready?

One 50-minute session

Lets dig in, get real and get vulnerable. We'll talk roadblocks, possibility and design to discover your true essence through raw conversation, exploration and self-inquiry tools. I offer radical compassion, a sense of humor and major accountability. I'll give you tools and strategies that work for you to jumpstart a life of your design.

Three 50-minute sessions

Ah, the places you will go! We will transform your language and thoughts and get crystal clear on your what's most important to you, your non-negotiables. You are ready to set powerful intentions and goals. You are willing to see what is not working, and to celebrate what is. You are ready to be challenged, pushed, and take action in your life, in ALL areas.

Five 50-minute sessions

A juicy pack of five sessions where we explore, define and then dig deep to design a life you are madly in love with. All of the goodness above with major accountability and step by step design. You believe that you no longer need to be defined by your past, or hesitant of the future. By being with what IS, in each moment, you are free.