So, you're a yoga what? 

The key to answering this question is to uncover YOUR most personal practice and vision, and the Ignite Your Light Mentorship Program will help you navigate the journey of communicating your vision, finding your voice and sustaining and sharing your love of yoga.  Your ongoing evolution as a teacher will be bolstered by this program's unique structure; think of it like a road trip: beautiful [in]sights, deep experiences, hills, valleys, playa and maybe even some off-roading...

Over the course of six months, we will work through your personal goals as a teacher, both in a group setting and as partners.  We will dig beneath the surface to excavate your driving desire which makes your teaching not only specific, but unforgettable.  You will get down to the nitty-gritty by teaching classes under my observation and receiving constructive feedback based on the goals you have created.  This is the real deal for making big leaps- are you in?  You will have my total support as your sounding board, your advocate, research assistant, guide and sometimes, the devil's advocate. 

Let's work together to transition from "having a job," to "paving the way," with your passion and dedication; to move beyond the script we were all given as new teachers and start to tell the story we were put here to tell. 

Our work together is based on the following framework:

1. The Practice: Establishing a routine of self practice, body awareness, review of anatomy (working with injury) and sequencing.

2. The Pleasure Principle: What turns you on?  Why does that make all the difference in your teaching?

3. Confidence: Residing firmly in your center no matter where or to whom you are teaching.

4. Breath & Boundary: How to create a home for your students while keeping a sacred space for your self.

5. The Voice: Unhook your vocal habits and use this incredible instrument to not only guide the practice, but create a lasting impact.

6. Vision: Re-imagining your world and your opportunities; forging ahead.


  • Must have completed a 200 hour Teacher Training program (or equivalent) and have one year of consistent teaching under your belt.
  • Attend one monthly group meeting (Emergencies/special circumstances will be addressed.)
  • One monthly private meeting with me.
  • Completion of monthly assignments.
  • Monthly blog entries/submissions.
  • Commitment to co-create and sustain a positive and dynamic learning environment for the group.


  • Six Sundays from 6:30-9pm  (May 4, June 1, July 13, August 31, October 5, November 2)


$1250.00 Early Bird!  First three participants to enroll get $250 discount!

$1500.00 Regular Tuition

$250 Non-refundable deposit due two weeks prior to start date. 



Month One - Three: Foundational Mind, Body + Spirit Elements
Month Four - Six: Lifestyle Design
Month Seven - Nine: Living in Leadership
Month Ten - Twelve: Integration into Wholeness

*Although we will follow a general outline during this program based on what I have seen work for many other women, this is a totally customizable experience where we will dive as deep into any topic for as long as we need for you to find confidence and clarity. 

I made this a year long program because I believe in WHOLENESS. That is, rather than dabbling into mindset, or spirituality, or relationships, I want to dive into every aspect of your life so that by the time the year ends, you feel powerful, purposeful and ready to step into leadership that inspires. I love the idea of HOLISTIC living, embodying love and making an impact in every aspect of life, not just one or two. One year is how long I believe it takes to fully integrate and implement everything you learn and manifest a life you adore.


This all sounds great, but I know at the end of the day, results and change are what matters, so…