After I completed my first yoga teacher training ten years ago there was a big question looming:

Now what?

Without the handholding of my teacher trainers and the support of my fellow trainees I felt very unsure of myself and the next steps on my path.

I craved a mentor and someone I could look to for support, advice and inspiration. To even ask "stupid questions" (spoiler alert: there aren't any!) of.

I figured it out as I went along and sometimes that went really well and sometimes not so much but I've found a way to craft the career of my dreams while still remaining inspired, creative and mostly balanced. It's all about ebb and flow. 

I designed this four week program for yoga teachers who are interested in taking their teaching, practice and passion to the next level. This is a safe space where your creativity and vulnerability is encouraged. Together as a sangha, as a collective, we will dive into topics such as defining our passion as teachers, sharpening and conveying our unique offerings, thriving as business owners and creating personal rituals and practices that nourish. We will cover class design and finding our voice.

These four weeks will include:
- Four 75 minute video calls (with time for Q&A): Define, Design, Hustle and Thrive
- Weekly homework and accountability partner
- Lifetime access to our online sangha (where you can continue to ask questions and offer up inspiration)
- Access to my online yoga classes

CALL ONE: DEFINE    In this first call you will define your why - why you feel called to teach and why you answered that call. Once you are clear on your why, your intention and your unique offerings, you plan how to move forward most effectively and offer your gift to the world.

CALL TWO: DESIGN    During this hour we will dive into designing - designing sequences, practice playlists and offerings. A huge part of this call will also focus on how you design your days and weeks ahead to ensure you are focusing on what's most important to you.

CALL THREE: HUSTLE    How can you mindfully hustle? During this third call we will talk creating your brand, making money, crafting social media you enjoy, teaching private sessions and public group classes and crafting offerings that are unique and inspiring (inspiring to you first and foremost!).

CALL FOUR: THRIVE    You should thrive doing what you love. I will explain how I've created a successful business I truly love while sustaining my personal practice and creative pursuits. We'll explore self care, home practice, continuing education, etc. 

One 50-minute session

You call the shots. Need to talk through business model? Get more private clients? Unsure how to make the leap from full time job to teaching yoga? Fine tune your sequencing or languaging for classes? Goals for the future? We can dig into whatever you like during this 50 minute session.         

Three 50-minute sessions

After talking through your goals and intentions for these sessions we will map out a plan to cover the current state of your passion, how you are monetizing it and where you'd like to head next. There's no question you can't ask me and no problem we can't turn on its head. This is a time to dream and scheme together.

Five 50-minute sessions

For serious seekers only. Not only will we cover your goals and intentions but we will create a plan together to make your dream career your reality. You will have a full fledged plan in hand with a clear idea of where you are headed and the why behind that. Expect to feel inspired and reinvigorated.