Stitched Together from Stardust
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We are stitched together from stardust, we are balls of light. We are limitless beings with all the wisdom we are in need of. It is in us from the moment we are conceived. Somewhere along the line we got distracted from these truths and are working to realign with them.

Where ever life leads you, whatever you must face, know deep inside the marrow your bones lives your earth. Your home. You cannot ever lose it, it can never leave you. No matter where you run to, no matter what rabbit hole you fall down, you always have you.

I want to take a moment to tell you, you are here in this moment reading this because your highest truth, your soul is always pulling you ever so gently into your own light.

I want to tell you no matter where you journey, no matter what the landscape appears to be, you are being held, you are being loved, you are exactly where you need to be.

I want to tell you, you are already enough. That there are no holes to be filled, no cracks to be plastered. You are already enough and everything you need is within you, rising on your breath and on your hearts beat.
- Sarah Blondin

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I’ll be happy when ___________ .

The best thing I’ve done for myself in the past year is to stop waiting for some perceived finish line or goal or granted wish to start living.

My life is happening right now, with a full email inbox and smudges on the every thing that could possibly have fingerprints on it, and guess what? It’s all good. Even in the moments that felt impossible, I still had the option of slowing down and tasting my coffee. Of being with my breath. Of noticing the change of seasons.

Life isn’t stopping for anybody. The choice is to be here right now. Right this second.

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Virgo season x National Yoga Month means my mat is getting some serious use. And after a few years of seeking out the “answer” in every self help book, coaching training, guru, teacher, Instagram crush, I feel this immense pull to be quieter and more still. A return to this practice and philosophy that feels spacious. What I’ve often referred to as my “spacemaking” practice.

The only thing that feels true again and again is living into the “I don’t know.” What a humbling, beautiful place to reside. What a relief to not always be figuring it out, whatever “it” is.

Being here, with my breath and my heartbeat and my body that just adores this practice. It’s enough.

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You Are a Child of the Universe
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I haven’t traveled since becoming a mom without several layers of anxiety, uncertainty and, let’s be honest, fear. Today we took the chairlift to the top of the mountain and I felt such a sense of spaciousness and peace. This last year and a half has been a serious uphill battle and I’m going to enjoy this floater, more in the flow, chairlift kind of feeling.

Feels so right to be amongst the Evergreens and the Aspens. Feels so good to be breathing this mountain air a bit easier.

I am reminded of one of my favorite works “Desiderata.”

“You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”

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I’ve learned a lot over these past twenty months. Lessons I will, no doubt, be processing for the rest of my life. But I also learned to lean into magic.

In March, right before I left to lead a retreat in Mexico, we got some news that rocked us to our core. I was uncertain of the next step forward and, to be honest, absolutely terrified. I remember making Baby A dinner and while he sat in his high chair I literally slid down to my knees and sobbed.

I arrived in Mexico, unsure of what would be happening with my family at home but trusting my husband would do his best (and he seriously did.) I came armed with crystals and mala beads and prayer books and whatever trust I had left. I said to my friend Audra, “Please help me.” I was willing to do whatever it took to move through this fear. Basically, please direct me to the nearest Shaman.

I ended up on a massage table in an open air space, white curtains billowing in the wind, and the kind eyes of Andrea whose laugh lines extended to her hairline. I laid down and experienced magic.

This magic was Reiki. Something I had so many doubts about and had never experience.. I sobbed and breathed deeply and let go of so many layers of pain, doubt and fear. I literally floated out of the space. I knew I had felt the energy I was created with and the energy I would return to. I had an experience of the Divine.

This weekend I sat in a circle of women, all who had felt deep depths of pain and all who had experienced the Light. We went through our Reiki Initiation and once again, I knew, I was home.

Baby A, we brought you home from the hospital twenty months ago. And sweet boy, you brought me home to myself.

I will never stop thanking you. I will never stop thanking God.

I believe in magic. I open myself to the unknown. I am humbled knowing that I am not in control, in charge, of the Universe.

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The further I wake into this life, the more I realize that God is everywhere and the extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary. Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond, and music is in both the flowing violin and the water dripping from the drainage pipe. Yes, God is under the porch as well as on top of the mountain, and joy is in both the front row and the bleachers, if we are willing to be where we are.
- Mark Nepo

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Practice Notes
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I love when I find the little reminders I’ve scribbled myself in notebooks, in drawers, on my mirror. This from Anne Lamott has carried me through many days. “I do not understand the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”

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Rhythmic Changes
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l remember standing over the sink in tears one morning this past March. My heart was feeling particularly beat up and contracted.

But I looked at these freshly picked oranges and flower, a gift from our neighbor’s yard, and knew they’d be like this for only awhile. The flower still in full bloom, the oranges ripe and juicy. Everything is in transition. Every single living thing has moments of contraction and expansion, opening and closing.

As one of my favorite yoga teachers, Donna Farhi, writes:.

“Throughout our lives we cycle through times of expansion, times of contraction, and times of being suspended in a pause or plateau where we are assimilating and integrating our experience.

These rhythmic changes are as natural to us as our breath. As the internal metronome of rhythm, our breath mirrors this life process of taking in and absorbing, letting go and relinquishing, and resting in the moments in between.

When we suppress any one of these rhythms in our Yoga practice, our time on the mat will serve to freeze our way of being rather than afford us a way of adapting and changing in response to our deepest needs.”

Offering up my deepest gratitude for these seasons of life and the moments when I flow with them rather than against.

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