Golden rules.

Man, this past week was such a doozy. It was just one thing after another all week long. I wanted to scream, "uncle!"  but this weekend was the perfect antidote. A few lazy mornings filled with perfect cups of coffee, gloomy weather and a lot of quiet. Matt got home from his business trip to Vegas friday afternoon, and after all we'd been through earlier in the week, all of the massive holyshit conversations, we were ready to just enjoy one another.

We ate lunch without looking at cell phones. We held hands pretty much everywhere we went. We did things for the other without asking. We said "thank you," "please," and "I'm sorry" immediately, when necessary. I guess the past couple months, we had just been behaving like the golden rules don't apply to us. I can be a bit selfish at times, and my "inner brat" has been runnin' wild. It felt so good to be conscious, to be giving, to be present. (what the $%&# have I been doing for the past few months?!)

I am experiencing the transformation I signed up for. It's not always pretty or easy. seeing myself in someone else's reflection, kicking my "inner brat" to the curb, writing a future with somebody I love, who is much different than me,  is hard, beautiful work.

I am learning; we are learning. Every damn day. And I know this to be true: no matter what the relationship - family, lover, BFF - the golden rules make all the difference. And when you get lazy, which you'll inevitably do, take a deep breath and course correct.

"If you love someone, tell them. If you appreciate someone, thank them. If you've hurt someone's feelings, say you're sorry.and if someone's hurt yours, forgive them.

People are important. Relationships rule. The rest is just a circus." - peg mulqueen

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