Life raft.

Matt travels a lot for work. Sometimes when he takes off it's like a little retreat all of my own - lots of yoga, dinner with girlfriends, vino and movies, face masks galore. It's awesome. Unfortunately this is not one of those weeks.

Instead I am having one of those weeks where my health isn't amazing (more on this later, still waiting on a diagnosis), I am feeling needy as hell and a little stressed. Yep, i too have weeks like this. Big time. Yesterday after teaching, I headed to a doctor's appointment in beverly hills. I got a little lost which is not surprising or even frustrating because I'm so used to it. Then couldn't get the bathroom open without a key since the valet had it (did you know that some doors open with any key? I was baffled.) Lastly, the doctor, though really charming, pretty much discounted everything that was going on in my body then pricked me with more needles (and not in that oohifeelsomuchbetter acupuncture way.) I burst into tears in the car. Nothing bad had actually happened. It was just gloomy, it cost me $12 to park my damn car and Matt wasn't around.

When I finally got home, I unrolled my yoga mat in front of the fireplace and just sat down. I practiced for awhile, then laid on my yoga mat and read my book. Eventually some thai food arrived and I sat there and ate on my yoga mat. Then I turned on "the following" and watched that still on my yoga mat. Rosy joined me.

My little life raft right there in the middle of the living room.

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