This past week my mom flew in from Iowa to hang with me while Matt was out of town on business. And hang is just what we did. We hung in the living room, we hung at the yoga studio, went hung while shopping, we hung while cleaning our house. There was white wine, pizza, movies, laughing til we cried and of course, some yoga. I am really lucky to have a super cool mom - she gives great advice, can drink wine like a champ and has a killer sense of humor. Some people think it's really strange that she was at my bachelorette party and that we talk on the phone a couple times a day but it's just the way it is. There's no other way for us. We've simply become best friends.

There was a couple of times this weekend when she referred to my "husband," and we just looked at each other like, "wow, holy shit." in some ways I feel like I'm eight when I'm with her, and in other ways, like we are peers. She passes me words of wisdom, and I help her in many ways too. It's pretty cool to watch that evolve throughout the years.

At one point, when I was leading yoga teacher training, she sat in the living room and at one point offered her beautiful insight. Afterward, she apologized.

"I'm sorry I said something." "What???" "I shouldn't have said anything."

Years and years ago my life was based around avoiding my mother saying anything and avoiding many of the adventures I soaked up this weekend (especially the adventure of washing our bathroom towels..). Today, it's about cherishing it. Wishing I'd paid more attention along the way. Listening to her stories and listening especially carefully now while I can. Seeing myself in her constantly. what we have is rare. It's not permanent. And i am cherishing every last second.

I only hope that I am someday drinking vino and watching movies with my daughter and that we can have even a bit of the beautiful, totally-at-home relationship I've been so lucky to have with mine.

thank you mom.


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