The non-juice cleansin' yogini.

This week my husband is on a juice cleanse. By himself.

He's a 6'4, 230-pound new jersey-bred crossfitter with a beard and tats. Not exactly what you'd imagine for a woo-woo juice cleanse.

I however, am a Venice beach yoga teacher that tries to eat healthy and practice just about every day, and I cannot last eight hours without eating.

We did our first juice cleanse in January. Matt was fine the entire time - worked out every day, eyes sparkling, tons of energy, bouncing around the house. I was laying on the floor, bitching and moaning, running into stuff and could hardly make it through teaching my own yoga class, let alone take one. After that, I said never again. I didn't feel exceptional afterward and just felt bloated and puffy.

On monday Matt came home with his four days of juices and he'd picked me up a one-day juice cleanse. Ah, hell. I can do ONE day, right? Apparently not. By 4 pm I was texting my friend Rachelle and telling her I was on my way to California chicken cafe to get a salad. Just not happening.

I do have willpower. My diet is comprised of mostly greens, healthy fats and proteins. I've completed whole30 twice (for those that don't know that's no gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol and, in our case, caffeine for 30 days) and felt amazing. I can give up things for the week. I can eat vegan even. But I cannot consume only juice. (Okay cannot is strong. I've done it once. I just strongly disliked it.)

So today is day 3 for my beloved. He's going strong. I had nachos and wine after yoga with my girlfriend last night.

But I only had one glass.


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