Going Back to Cali, Cali

Well, the truth is I never really, truly left. Physically I was here, nestled into my little home in Venice Beach with my husband and our furry daughter. But my heart left for a little bit.

When I first moved to California, I felt like I'd found a piece of me that was missing. Like a soul mate. I fell madly in love with the year round farmers markets, the barefoot wetsuit-wearing fathers in the coffee shop early in the morn, the sunsets that looked like melted Crayolas.

I got kinda grouchy spouting off things like "there's too much traffic" and "it's too expensive." Yeah, those things do kinda suck but I was speaking from a lack rather than an abundance. I had my blinders on to living one mile from the ocean. Blinders to the unbelievable family we have here. Blinders to the fact that we have our windows and doors open all year long.

Then I took a super early yoga class with a few of my closest friends. And we walked on the beach. For several miles in fact. The light was gleaming off of the waves. I had my feet in the sand and in the frigid water. There were seagulls and surfers everywhere. And I remembered:

California, you're my soul mate.

And sometimes things change. And we might move eventually. But right now, we're here and rather than bitching and moaning and pretending I'm not hopelessly in love with you, I'm going to soak it on up.

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