You Will Die With Emails in Your Inbox

Dear Mary Beth,you clean-lovin' organizational-freak Virgo, you,

Someday you are going to die, and you will likely have email in your inbox.

There might be dishes in the sink, dirty clothes piled up in the laundry and dust underneath the couch. In fact, I hope there is. That's a life that is messy and full and well-lived.

I hope that you've often let emails go unanswered for days. Phone calls unreturned. Mail unopened. Instead you've spent years playing outside in the fresh air, belly laughing with friends over bottles of red wine and simply opening a notebook and letting your mind run wild.

You say yes to road trips when the invitations spontaneously arrive, to jumping in the ocean at any chance (sometimes in a wetsuit) and to anything that makes your heart beat a bit more wildly and fervently.

That you've slept underneath the stars with your family eating S'mores and drinking hot toddies. That you've been to more tropical places than you can count on your fingers and toes. That you keep a beautiful love that grows and grows and grows.

I hope you've lived so vibrantly and so hard that you've lived yourself young. That you paint your world with bright colors. That you let things crack and honor the light coming in.

Shut your computer and take your coffee cup outside.

Love, Me

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