Juicy Mystical Soul Salve

I'm sitting in a big window at a coffee shop watching the little bit of rain we've been gifted this morning in Venice. I'm cross-legged in my Converse with a messy topknot and a decaf Americano. And my soul feels really nourished by this.

I have to admit I've felt a bit "off" for awhile now.  I was letting my caffeine-fuled and often hormone-ridden mind run the show, and as most know, that is absolutely no fun. I found myself caught in the same conversations in my mind over and over again. And you know what? Those conversations don't make the most inspiring blog posts.

One morning when I was feeling particually worn, I happened into a class by Dana Trixie Flynn of the NYC-based studio Laughing Lotus. I'd always been drawn to her, though I'd never met her, never taken her class, just heard of her unreal energy (and it is) and playful sequencing. She's often seen in a tank top that says "I sweat glitter," her arms covered in beautiful, colorful tattoos and a trucker hat cocked to the side.

Well after consuming banana bread (terrible idea before yoga) Jacki and I made our way into Yogis Anonymous where Dana was seated in the front of the class in overalls.

"Hello Family!" she said the moment we walked through the door.

Oh fuck yes, my soul said.

And my soul proceeded to say "fuck yes," "hallelujah" and "thank you" over and over again during the hour-long class where I laughed and cried, many times simultaneously. Jacki and I kept looking at one another and just shaking our heads in amazement and smiling so big. We moved in a way that was much less about "the rules" and much more about liberation and playfulness as Dana kept dropping "truth bombs" all over the damn place.

One thing she said that stuck with me like glue: We often forget that yoga is a mystical practice.

The word mystical brought me back to my first teacher training at Flow Yoga Center, which was filled with Nag Champa and sunlight, where we spent the entire first day defining yoga in creative terms and then creating our own juicy home yoga practice. A time when my communion with yoga was pure magic.

And that's what was missing for me: Juicy Mystical Soul Salve.

And to be more specific, my own Juicy Mystical Soul Salve - in my practice, in my relationships, in my very unique view of the world.

I used to practice in the dark sometimes, just a few candles lit and Portishead playing. No rules really. Just playing and letting go and offering up.

I used to write e.e. cummings poetry on my mirror in lipstick.

I used to write in a Moleskine.

Not all of these work for me anymore, as my own perfect soul salve of the now, but I'm in a place of creating anew - digging into a Course in Miracles with a big mug of hot tea, taking ultra-luxurious bubble baths complete with a glass of rose, baring my heart to my girlfriends in a way I was never capable of before.

And I implore you to discover your own Juicy Mystical Soul Salve. 

Your soul is dying for you to come home to it, and what a beautiful reunion it will be.The wall is the door.

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