Don't Forget. Love, You

I recently opened a new business email account and for the past 48 hours I've been flooded with every single email I wrote twelve years ago at 20. Then ten years ago at 22. And on and on and on.

Nostalgia central.

New jobs, break ups, moves, boyfriends, travel.
All back into my inbox.

And man, my young heart was tender. So much happening so fast. I just wanna reach through the screen and hug this girl I hardly recognize. Tell her that 22 is actually really fucking young and I should take a little more time. 

But I did come across this email I wrote to myself on February 1, 2008. 

Thank you young, wide eyed, brave soul for making moves.

Your future self thanks you.

mary beth,
when you get scared because you are making a big leap remember these things:
• good things come to those who take risks and lead from the heart.
• i don't like being pent-up in an office for eight hours.
• i want my creative juices to flow again.
• i hate programming web pages, pushing the photo of the week live, and writing and programming the newsletter. it is mind numbing.
• i want to take a risk.
• i want to freedom to spend two months in bali if that's what i really, really want.
• i'm scared of staying.
• i can always go back to the office but i might reach a point in the future where i just couldn't leave. (kids, mortgage, etc.) i want to find out how to leverage my passions into money now.
• i want to take a yoga class at noon and work on an editing project until four in the morning.
• i hate fluorescent lighting.
• i want to be happy now; not in fifty years.
• i can always move to dubai.
• the people i adore are risk takers. i belong in that club.
• i'm smart and compassionate and i want to be recognized for that.
• if it doesn't work out, i can always go back to school or back to the office.
• i want to become a strong yoga teacher and strong wellness writer.
• sometimes i can't remember the excitement and creativity of me as a college girl and that was only a year and a half ago.
• i may go back to school eventually.

don't forget.


Mary Beth LaRueComment