In It

In the past week there were a few key elements - mountains, sweat, laughter and dirt. I'd say almost every day I experienced these four things. Oh, and canned beer too.

It felt really good to get out of my normal routine. Even though I live by the great big Pacific and my city is pretty much a playground, I get trapped in doing what " I do" over and over again. Some days that's great for me and roots me in a way I truly need. Other times I get stagnant and antsy.

Upon my return home, I'm feeling "in it." Like super ready to dig in and do the work physically, mentally, emotionally. Like I've reached a point where my bullshit excuses don't cut it anymore.

So this is where my excavation begins:

Less scrolling - Instagram, fuck you. (Actually I love you, but I think you know what I mean.) We just got rid of phones in our bedroom and replaced them with an old school alarm clock. No phone zone means more connection, creativity and lovin'. 

More time outside - Writing by the ocean or on my back patio, getting back on the hiking trail, even just relishing in the time spent at my gym which happens to be outside as well. Nothing beats feeling the sun on my skin and breathing in the sea.

Writing - Honestly I love typing but I used to have these gorgeous Moleskine journals that are now embarrassing to read but really gorgeous to look at. I'd spend hours cutting out images and pasting them in the pages. Adding pastels. Scribbles. Coffee and wine stains. I will find a balance of writing here and there.

Cooking and Eating - I never thought I'd say this but I like to cook. My husband is a gourmet-style chef genius (no exaggeration) so I get intimidated in the kitchen. I've been making us chicken and broccoli once a week for about six months now and every time I make it he says "Holy shit MB, this is amazing." It's definitely improved but it's time to up my game and try some new recipes.

What are you digging into? Where do you feel "in it"?