Love Letter to My Life

Thank you for bulldog snuggles.
For cotton candy sunsets and morning ocean walks.
For a farm table surrounded by my favorite people. And lots of wine.
For chai. 
For a yoga practice that supports and inspires me.
For my man.
For those who aren't afraid to show their underbelly.
For the smell of the ocean.
For Iowa, which will always be home.
For 90s R&B.
For vulnerability.
For the moments when I surprise myself (in a good way.)
For the moments when I surprise myself (in a bad way. It's called learning.) 
For a mid-afternoon bubble bath.
For my family. Blood. And best friends. And a furry one too.
For my teachers.
For sunshine. 
For occasional rainy days with movies and ramen.
For the snooze button.

A real prayer has nothing to suggest to God except a deep gratitude, thankfulness. It simply accepts whatsoever God is pouring. Prayer is receiving the gift.
— Osho
Mary Beth LaRueComment