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I've been in a major marination, you might even say nesting, mode as of late, making plenty of time for novels, naps and .. quiet. We are in that awkward summertime phase here in Venice as well, something we refer to, usually with an eye roll, as "June Gloom." Even though I'm totally solar powered and absolutely know I get a lot of my energy from the sun, I love the quiet that comes with the fog and chill.

It's a slippery slope for me as my introvert self loves nothing more than a mug of tea and my sweatpants. On the flip side I soak up rosé drinking nights with my tribe, road trips with my husband and English bulldog Rosy and any time spent with my students in a sweaty yoga class like no other. Balance is oh-so-elusive but in my almost thirty two years spent on this earth, I've finally found a way to respect my unique rhythm.

As one of my teachers Martha Beck once said to me - Here's the trick. You play until you feel like resting then you rest until you feel like playing. Over and over and over again.

So allow yourself to marinate.
Allow yourself to nest.
Then enjoy when the creative juices start flowing and you are ready to PLAY.

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