Here’s the truth: You might waste your time. You might hate it. And, it will be good data to help you to make choices that align more fully with your heart, next time.

Adoring your life is worth the risk. Filling your life to the brim with things that delight you is worth the risk. Withstanding the potential for disappointment is your initiation to your most delightful life.

On this path, you will be disappointed, I promise you that. But, you will also bust through your own self-imposed borders, breaking out of the small pen that you have been keeping yourself in and finding yourself in a field of strange and perfectly tailored beauty. The purpose of this work is not rid yourself completely of sadness or pain.

You are only human. You will feel sad, sometimes.

The purpose is to match our sadness with delight. To create something beautiful with our daily existence, elbow deep in clay and molding our life as if it were a masterpiece.

The purpose is to feel good, as often as possible.

The purpose is to belong in your own life, in your own skin.

The purpose is allowing delight to wrap you in the warmth of your own bright spirit, amplified by the knowing that you get to choose to chase down the path of your own creation.

The purpose, always, is to grant permission to yourself to allow more of YOU into your own life.
— Mara Glatzel
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