Storms and Shifts

You know you are having one of those days when you text your best friend "I could really use a glass of wine" before noon, on a Monday no less.

A beautiful, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky Monday. The type where you park yourself in the sun with a good book and stay put for awhile.

But it was a perfect storm of absolutely nothing earth shattering but plenty of things that got me into my head and out of my flow. A cat-induced allergy and asthma fit that has lasted about 36 hours and resulted in no sleep. My brand new car getting the side smashed and the driver leaving no note or contact information. And just being a little bit late or a whole lot "off" to everything I was supposed to make it to.

A couple years ago I'd allow a shit storm to throw me off for a good day or so. At my worst, even a week. But honestly, where's the fun in that? 

So instead I spent the afternoon cuddling my favorite baby, Freddie Wilde, and hanging with his ultra-inspiring mama. I put my phone away. I had a big mug of tea with extra local honey for the allergies. I ate coconut ice cream with said adorable baby, said Mama, and my English bulldog. And then I did something I never ever woulda done two weeks ago, let alone last year.. I went to CrossFit. 

There's nothing like a crazy sweat and a kick to your proverbial balls (or ego if you will) to get you outta your mopey mess. And goodness, it feels good to shed the ego, forget the things that went awry (because who really cares?) and get outside under the sunshine and blue skies.

And whatever it takes I know what's necessary - a clearing of perspective, a cleaning of my lens, a "time out" to my inner brat. Because we certainly can't change what's headed our way but we most definitely have choice in how we react to it.

Oh, and then have that glass of wine you wanted at noon.