Time and Silence

When I was younger I had such a fear of missing out. 

"Oh, I'm in my rattiest of pajama pants and a full-on face mask, but you are in the neighborhood having a drink?"
"Give me ten."

And I'd show up for the remainder of the evening perhaps still in the pajama pants but having traded the face mask for some lip gloss. There was much less marination in that period of my life, and instead a lot of impulsive play.

When I saw this quote the other day, I thought "YES."

Yes to early mornings, when the patio is sun speckled and my mind moves slow.
Yes to curling into my bed with a mug of tea and a notebook to scribble in.
Yes to finally being able to sit with myself, my thoughts, my feelings. My eyes closed. Just sitting.

How juicy the present moment is when we make the choice to reside in it.

We used to be tied to our families, our adventures, our communities. But now we much more often measure our days with gadgets that start with i

How do we reclaim our days? Ourselves?

Let yourself come to sit in the silence and let your soul soak it in. You aren't missing out on anything.

The only way out is in.

Mary Beth LaRueComment