Slow Down

I had big plans for this week: practicing every day, eating a huge quinoa and spinach salad for lunch, writing a bazillion blog posts and class plans, seeing friends. Life had other plans apparently. This is day numero tres of me hunkered down on the couch with strep throat. I'm on antibiotics and, fingers crossed, this is the last day of me being stuck at home. Life is never subtle when telling me to slow down and my friends often find this pretty amusing. There's a pattern to this and by God, why have I not caught on? That being said, today I'm spending the day reading and designing and allowing myself to ease back into a natural rhythm. A rhythm that encourages a lot less "trying" and instead breathing and being.

The most important part of my yoga practice is closing the distance between my idea of who I think I have to be, and celebrating who I am. I think most of us are always relating to things in our lives through our memories and our assumptions – versus relating to things directly. when we can practice with how things truly are, versus how we perceive them, it’s very healing.
— Elena Brower

Mary Beth LaRueComment