Start Where It's Easy

I recently (and by recently I mean five minutes ago) Googled "supplements that enhance creativity."

A few of my findings: whole grains, Gingko Biloba, grapefruits.

But mainly: Less Googling.

I've been experiencing an ache as of late. It starts partly in my belly and moves toward my heart. As I spend more and more time with this ache I find that it's this - an ache to express, to be wildly myself, to stop giving so much of a fuck.

It's an ache to write because I feel like writing. To scribble in my notebook just because. To go wandering, both internally and externally, for the sake of the wander, for the sake of being slightly lost without Google Maps.

My friend Jenny recently said "Start where it's easy." I can't even recall what she might have been referring to but for me it means to start where it's simple and true. Like that first stretch or yawn when you just awake. Not for any reason at all except to fit a little more comfortably into yourself.

Right now what feels easy is this : solitude and trusted tribe, early mornings, quiet. 

This year has been all about shifting. And through that shifting I've lost my footing a little bit. So I'm starting by taking my high tops off and digging my toes into the good green grass. 

Starting where it's easy and working to love up what is.

Mary Beth LaRueComment