What Is Important

I have had a week of remembering what is most important and it is not answering emails or getting likes on Instagram or any of that other nonsense.

It is getting up really early because that’s the special time you get to walk with your sweet dad for coffee.

It is getting lost and enjoying it.

It is eye contact and belly laughs and sunlight through an open window.

Cuddles after hitting snooze fifty times.

Ordering two desserts. Just because.

For so long I lost sight of what was important to me. I have not written much or spoken publicly about it but quitting drinking eight months ago has been the most profound choice I have ever made. Life had become blurry at the edges and I had lost my shine. The little things were no longer satisfying and took so much effort for me to even feel gratitude for.

I am so grateful to be on this path and in recognition of how good it already is. No other changes needed.

Mary Beth LaRueComment