Sage and Pray


This week. Oh man, where to even begin?

I've spent a lot of time sage-ing my house and myself. Praying. Crying, definitely crying. Scrolling CNN and Vice looking for answers that just aren't there. 

I watched as my friends cancelled plans one after the other, especially odd for a good bit of them. What's happening? Collective exhaustion, I think.

Mother Earth and the devastation of the the hurricanes. The absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying mass shooting in Vegas. And the constant shit show that is President Trump. Honestly, I'm at a loss. I turned to Instagram and said this:

I am mining my heart and these books and others for the “answer.” I do know that kindness and understanding are needed more than ever but am feeling depleted and sad in a way I’ve never experienced. Leaning on my practice like never before and listening for the wisdom of who to be and how to help. What is helping you? Resources, words, phone numbers to call. Please share.

These were some of the responses and honestly they have all helped. I thought I'd share.

Reaching toward friends to discuss the big feels, local community gatherings, nourishing food, emptying my pockets for those without homes and security (literally, whatever is in my wallet with no expectation or judgement about how it will be spent::thank you @lisapalmerart), deep rest, prayer altars, tree preaching.
- @pixielighthorse

Warm smiles to literally EVERY human I see. And they've been smiling back, they get it.
- @meghmccoy

Breath, genuine + open hearted connection with strangers, time alone, reminding myself of the broader arc of history and that (I believe/have faith in the idea that) we are ultimately headed in the right direction even if we are going through some growing pains in the moment 💗
- @helloashleyberry

Hang with the friends that make you laugh .. like .. really laugh. Love you.
- @donovanyoga

I adore Anne Lamott. I’ve been listening to a lot of @gungormusic lately. Their faithfulness and encompassing spirituality is reassuring and calming to me. If you want a book that is lovely and beautiful and redemptive in its pain, you ought to read Pax, by Sara Pennypacker. It is YA fiction about a little boy who runs away from home to find the pet fox his dad made him release when he had to join the armed forces. The chapters are told from the alternating points of view of the fox and the boy and it is gorgeous and full of truths.
- @family.rewritten

Brene's book really helped me, she has some pretty relevant advice for what's currently going on, but also just allowing myself to be oh so very sad about all of this. It isn't OK, it doesn't seem like it's going to change and it feels so heavy. Being sad is not fun at all and I think we jump to wanting to fix it, but grief is so necessary and appropriate.
- @angieeatpeace

Remember Your mantra of 'I protect my energy' ~ this allows you to be you and shining and healing and uplifting and exemplifying as You do! Your energy, your work, your teaching/gifting the world ~ is what you are here to do ...what we all are here to do (differently, but genuinely) and honestly, is there more? I do practice sitting with others in their pain, because that is also needed, and I have sat with mine, and it is key to lifting the energy.
- @omatlife

Connection to my community has been great for me. Laughing with friends. And reading fiction stories to have some time to escape to another world for just a bit 🙏🏼✨ Sending you love. 💜
- @beautifullyawakening

Loving into those around me, making eye contact, giving the dollar in my wallet to the one on the street that needs it the most, giving hugs, and getting hugs. Your heart is so big MB, you are helping more than you know. Can't wait to hug you in person soon. Let me know how I can hold space for you and all that feels big right now.
- @jennylynnnewell

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