Getting Your Ass Kicked


This past week kicked my ass. I'm sure it kicked yours too.

It was a wicked combination of Donald Trump, hormones and the stars and man, it was tough terrain to navigate. I deleted my social media apps from my phone, increased my "sitting" time and tuned into Vice news.

I have the privilege of going about my life and tuning into what I feel like and getting upset when I feel like it but then returning to "regular programming," if you will.

This is the problem.

I craved a conclusion. To know why our country is falling to pieces, how you could possibly hate someone because of their religion or the color of their skin and how we got here in the first place. But there will be no tidy conclusions. There's messy conversations and big, messy work to be done both inside and out.

Those people who sit on the sidelines and let others get their ass kicked in the arena? I know I'm guilty of it on many occasions. I feel immense sadness and shame and responsibility and I should.

As Sas Petherick wrote: Be humble and ready to fumble.

Stop trying to be "good" or "safe" and let's just be human and join the other humans who need us speaking up.

Here's a few resources or blog posts that have been stirring up a lot both in my heart and head. I'll be adding to the list as I find more:

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