Love Letter to My Home


When I moved to California I moved straight to the beach. About four blocks from the beach to be exact. I packed up my beach bag every single day and strutted my way out to the sand, armed with paperbacks and a green juice. I acquired a lot of sun damage during those few months but I had never felt so relaxed in my adult life.

I remember someone saying to me, "Oh, you must be new here because you still go to the beach." 

I thought how you could you live in California and not take advantage of the beach every single day?! 

Twenty-five-year-old me who was trucking it across the sand would be very quick to inform you that I didn't live in Los Angeles but in Santa Monica. Very, very quick. The whole idea of LA was daunting and it seemed dirty and scary and kind of crazy. Especially to someone with no car and only a single speed bicycle.

That being said I now live about 18 miles inland in the most majestic neighborhood called Silver Lake and I've never (ever) been happier.

Here's a list-like love letter to this city (all of it!) and a thank you for being my home almost ten years later:

The quirky, magical hills of Silver Lake

The guy who plays violin and dances between cars on Glendale Boulevard

That I can dip my toes in the ocean and hike a mountain in the same day

Farmers Markets all year round

That almost all my friends live in a four mile radius!

Cotton candy sunsets

Palm trees

77 degrees all year round

Mary Beth LaRueComment