More Surrender | Less Effort


You can be soft and still be sturdy.
You can be a force and still be delicate.
- Alex Elle

I've spent a lot of my life strategizing my happiness.
I've spent a lot of my life trying to clean up my own messes and those of a very messy world.
I've spent a lot of my life trying to figure out the perfect life equation that will keep me calm, "balanced," present and healthy. 

And just a few months ago as I was scribbling my next strategy into my notebook, I realized: This isn't working.
It's not that I don't wholeheartedly believe in conscious calendaring, life design and making a plan. I do. And I love doing it all.

But there must be space for quiet and allowing and magic making. We are limited to what we know and from what we know comes what we believe about ourselves and our life. From what we know comes a limited vision.

I've been spending more time being soft and spending more time dreaming. My teacher Martha Beck refers to this as accessing "wordlessness."

Martha describes wordlessness as:

Unlearning almost everything you were taught in school about what it means to be intelligent. The sharp focus you were told to sustain is actually a limiting, stressful, narrow attention field — something animals only using the the moment of ‘fight or flight.’ Dropping into Wordlessness moves the brain into its ‘rest and relax’ state.

By spending more time in the dreaming state and in surrender we give ourselves permission to break free of the hustle and the constant effort. We follow our natural rhythms without guilt or fear that we will be left behind.

Soft and sturdy.
Force yet delicate. 

Mary Beth LaRueComment