The Reward of Work

On a call the other day with my coach, she asked how my relationship was. Answering truthfully I said, "This week it feels really hard."

I felt ashamed saying that and she could hear it in my voice.

She responded: "Why is hard a bad thing?"

Such a simple question with a profound impact.

She followed up with, "How do you feel after a really hard yoga class?"

I pondered it: sweaty, free, content, inspired.

"And getting there takes some work right?"

Oh yes. I always have the comfort of knowing that a big, juicy shifts occurs after some sacred time on mat.

Do I always wanna go? Absolutely not.

Do I make it there? Yeah, the majority of the time.

Am I 100 percent present the whole class? Oh, hell no but I am certainly a lot more present then how I walked in.

Why then do I have this notion that for something to be "right" it must be easy? as I get older I truly look forward to "the work" in all areas of my life. Every conversation, every argument, every adventure, every dilemma presents me with endless opportunity to get to know myself better, to become more fully me in the best of ways.

My generation is pretty spoiled. We don't like to be uncomfortable so we squirm and move and we don't stay still to learn. Sticking it out is when the work gets done. Hate our job this week? quit. Our partner annoys the shit out of us? Leave. This town is boring? Let's move to Bali. Sure, there's times when we should do just that but when a "grass is greener" mentality shows up everywhere maybe it's not everybody else that's the problem.

My new chosen thought: hard work equals freedom.

It feels so much better.

Mary Beth LaRue1 Comment