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I passed this mural in Silver Lake a few days ago and it stopped me in my tracks for a lot of reasons. I have felt scared lately. And even more so now. I’ve also had been busy pointing a lot of fingers.

This past weekend was spent with 25 women for our Rock Your Bliss Colorado retreat, most of who I did not know until we got there. I can’t tell you their politics or their spouse’s name. I’m not even sure what most of them do for an occupation. But I can tell you what makes their hearts beat wildly and what scared them and what makes them say “Me too.” If I met them the other way around there’s a chance we would find a reason to be separate, a reason we were too different to love one another.

I feel unbelievably sad and extremely scared by what’s happening in our world. I think that’s the point. My instinct is to protect myself and the ones I love by shutting down, by judging, by becoming hollow, but instead I’m going to try on loving.

I am sending my love to you today. Feel what needs to be felt. Bear hug those you love. And then pick up your phone, call your representative and say: No More Guns.

Take action and keep your heart open.

Mary Beth LaRueComment