Choosing to Be Here

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I received a message last night asking how I deal with so much uncertainty. I absolutely related to what she was saying. That she’s checking all the boxes - eating healthy, meditating, seeing a therapist - and she’s still suffering. Earlier this year I had so many voices in my head of how to handle each situation. Competing self help books and teachers and other people’s advice.

I took some time away from it all and came back to the work of Byron Katie and the simple, absolutely profound, idea that when I argue with reality, I suffer.

And when I’m here, meeting the movement with wholehearted presence, there’s just breath and space. (Though my ego often wants to argue otherwise and spin webs of stories and worries and fear.).

I’m want to be here for my life. My life that’s sometimes messy and a bit tangled up and unfolding as it should be. Right on time.

Mary Beth LaRueComment