One Year: Part Three


Today you are one. It has been my greatest honor to mother you and watch you grow and trust and giggle. To become the beautiful, loving little human you are meant to be.

This year I said goodbye to you maybe one hundred times. I was told to pack your bags. I was told it was time to let go. And yet here we are. Still fumbling and loving side-by-side.

One year ago today we still didn’t “know” you. It would be almost another week until we held you in our arms and looked into your big, brown eyes and felt our hearts melt and transform. I’ve cried more joyful tears in this last year than my entire life.

Sometimes people imply that this journey and this pain will only be worth it if all goes “our way,” if we know it’s forever. To this I say that’s not true. Every single second with you has been worth a thousand times these challenges and this pain. You’ve changed me forever. You’ve brought my entire heart and being alive. You’ve changed the way I see the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy birthday to the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. You hang the moon.

Mary Beth LaRueComment