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I love to plan. I love to strategize. And I’m a bit of a recovering control freak. But I’m also super creative, trusting and someone who loves to dream.

Dreaming used to come so easily to me. I’d gaze out the window on a flight listening to music and daydream for hours on end. I’d sit with my notebook and put my dreams on paper. Then all of the sudden I stopped doing it. It has felt scary to dream knowing that much my heart is in the hands of people I don’t know. I even felt that if I dreamed it I might “jinx” what I wanted so instead I avoided the dreaming altogether.

A couple months ago I started doing it again. Putting on my headphones and letting myself drift. Imagining what I want. And I even came from daycare drop off on a Monday and instead of going to my email inbox I sat down with my coffee and made several vision boards.

Dreaming is a state I wanna stay in. I have no doubt what’s meant to come to fruition will. I’ll be over here doing my best to dream and trust on the regular in 2019.

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