Dreamy + Conscious Self Care with Kneipp


I called my best friend last November, a month before becoming a mother.
”I’m going to meditate every single day and drink only tea to prepare myself for motherhood. That way I’ll keep doing it”
She was so kind not to laugh. Instead she said, “Great.”

When our newborn baby boy arrived through foster care a month later my world turned on its axis. Meditation didn’t make it into my schedule but putting on a clean shirt and pants usually did.

Fast forward to today - I’m a mother of an almost one year old little boy and a yoga teacher and co-founder of a company who travels monthly, sometimes twice, to teach. I’ve since reclaimed my self care rituals, though they’ve changed, and adopted self care that feels doable but also nourishing.

A few of my non-negotiables -
+ Daily meditation, even if only for 5 minutes
+ A big delicious superfood coffee or tea with coconut milk, collagen peptides and cacao butter.
+ A bubble bath, whenever possible.

Though I may not have hours to spend at the spa as of late I am an absolute believer in conscious self care. I indulge in a bath at least a couple of times a week, usually with a good book and giant mug of tea.

I’ve recently fallen head over heels for Kneipp®, a plant-based bath and body collection.

The company’s founder, Sebastian Kneipp, was a pioneer in the naturopathic and hydrotherapy movements. He formulated hydrotherapy treatments by applying water through various methods, temperatures and pressures, alongside plant oils, which had therapeutic effects. These treatments still inspire the Kneipp® collections today, especially for their uses in and after a shower or bath.

All the products are made from plant-based ingredients, vegan, dermatologist tested and recommended, cruelty free and contain no preservatives, paraffins, silicones, or mineral oils.

Here are my favorites from this unbelievable line of natural products. All formulas are developed using top quality, plant based functional ingredients.

+ Aromatherapy Bubble Bath in Lavender and Vanilla
Natural essential lavender oil and vanilla extract develop a gently harmonizing fragrance which invites you to dream as it prepares you for a restful night’s sleep. As your tub fills with beautiful hues of blue, you will drift off into a relaxed mindset, making this bubble bath the perfect nighttime ritual. Natural nourishing oils of evening primrose and orange peel makes the skin soft and smooth.

+ Mineral Bath Salts in Lavender
Their bath salts are high in thermal spring salt, a natural crystal in pure form, free of any chemical additives and pollutants. Their salts not only nourish and detox the skin with natural minerals but also gently clean it while you soak. The bath crystals are then loaded with valuable lavender essential oil to stimulate the senses and provide a solution to those in need of peace and wellness. These high quality bath salts are obtained from the depth of a 250 million year-old ancient ocean to bring you wellness in its purest form.

+ Shower Foam in Mint + Eucalyptus
Experience the refreshing activity of mint and eucalyptus to stimulate the mind. When mixed with water, the gel transforms into a unique, creamy foam to lather up your body with a beautiful blends of essential oils.

Check out their products by clicking here.

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