Full of Adventure and Wearing A Lot of Hats


I think this photo really sums up my 34th trip around the sun. Full of adventure and wearing a lot of hats. (Maybe lugging some baggage too but I’m gonna stick with the first two. 🙄)

I’m spending this week, in between changing diapers and solo parenting, reflecting on what worked and what didn’t this past year as I turn 35 on Sunday.

I’m inviting in more simplicity this coming year. Even if it’s not occurring circumstantially (hello foster care!) simplifying what I can and moving toward what feels good and supportive, physically, mentally and energetically.

Us Virgos love reflection and my soul is asking for more of it. Less focus on pleasing others or getting “gold stars” and way more focus on simplicity, nourishment and, dare I say it, EASE.

I truly love getting older. Bring on the laugh lines and the expanded heart and all the lessons.

Mary Beth LaRueComment