In Gratitude


Having my parents here to help me rock this very dynamic mama life.
Chillier weather so I can bundle up with baby boy.
London Fog lattes. Earl grey and a little vanilla in steamed almond or coconut milk.
Laugh crying to my best friend a few times a week. Our beautiful lives have a lot of poop in them.
Alicia Keys.
Rocking that wild curly hair.
And makeup free skin.
Those nights where I sleep next to baby boy and rock the bottle feeding.
And those nights when I sleep upstairs all by lonesome.
Making Rock Your Bliss playlists on Spotify.
Taking a notebook to Echo Park Lake to scribble thoughts and ideas and definitely worries.
The view of the mountains in the background when I'm driving around LA.
Being okay with messiness.
Being okay with being imperfect.
Being okay with just being okay some days and on top of the world the next.

Mary Beth LaRue1 Comment