In Gratitude

Now bear with me here as I dig deeply for this. Gratitude is one of my most cherished values, an inherent part of who I am, and I'm currently being challenged in more ways than I've ever experienced. This is life. Messy, uncertain, beautiful, transformative.

I'll write more about what has been happening as a I process it but for now here's what I'm grateful for because there's always, always something. In fact, a lot of things.

My friends and family who are holding us in a giant bear hug right now, all over the country.
Young Adult novels by Sarah Dessen. I've read three just this week.
Breakfast burritos. (True story.)
My foster parent friends. You are my lifeline!
Dreaming about the future - a big farm table in our backyard surrounded by friends and family and our babies.
The relationship I have with my husband. Our bond has never been more real, never been stronger.
Surrender. I had it tattooed on my arm in Sanskrit when I was 30 and only now am I able to even slightly understand what it means.