Life Is Not To Be Tamed


This past week has broken my heart. Election vitriol, more shootings, fires that have killed many and left so many without a home. A sure reminder that nothing is certain and life is to be honored just one step, one breath at a time.

I’ve sat on the couch, with a sick kiddo, the majority of the week smelling his hair, looking at his tiny toes, watching his toothy grin light up his entire face every few minutes.

Today he’s eleven months old which means I’m eleven months old too. Eleven months of a freefall of wholehearted love and presence. Reminding myself to open my fists and allow life to rest in my palm. That uncertainty isn’t a condition or a choice or something you can protect yourself from but instead “the way” of it all.

Life is not here to be tamed or controlled. Life is here to unfold and take us with it. My heart is with you all. May we step toward what’s vulnerable and scary and take care of one other along the way.

Mary Beth LaRueComment