It's Not my job to manage your perception of me


"It’s not my job to manage your perception of me.”

When I heard these words on a podcast with Brooke Castillo I stopped in my tracks. I wrote it down. I meditated on it. And honestly come back to this simple phrase every single day.

I explain myself a lot. I notice myself framing parts of my life, namely foster care and marriage, as a way to “figure” it all out. I like things to be tidy and to make sense but in all honestly I’ve never said “I don’t know” more.

We are meant to evolve. We are absolutely allowed to change our minds. It is not our job to manage (nor is it even slightly possible) what others think of us.

My job is live authentically and wholeheartedly and as present as possible. And stay in my lane. That’s your job too.

Mary Beth LaRue1 Comment