On Health: My Must Do’s

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Since becoming a mom almost nine months ago I know one thing for sure: I cannot skimp on my health rituals even the slightest bit. With the lack of sleep and the amount of daycare germs it’s imperative that I take care of me so I can take care of my family.

Here are three of my must dos:

Take Nature’s Way Immune Blend and Chaga: I take both of these supplements every single day. Immune Blend harnesses the power of ancient wisdom by creating an immune blend of 6 diverse mushrooms to support your immune system.* And this Chaga grows in the birch groves of Finland. It is wild harvested to support antioxidant pathways.

Meditate: I sit for meditation every day. Whether it’s for five minutes or twenty it makes such a different in my mental and physical health. By getting off the rollercoaster of my thoughts I press pause.

Drink Maca: I drink Maca every morning after my cup of matcha. Maca supports stamina and helps with vitality.

What do you do every day for your health?

Mary Beth LaRueComment