One Year: Part One


On December 12, a year ago yesterday, we signed our official foster parent paperwork. We’d been through trainings, background checks and mountains of paperwork. This meant we could finally start getting phone calls about placing a child with us. I was seriously trembling as we walked into the office, sure that someone was going to say “Ah, sorry it’s still not time.”

For someone who was unsure about parenthood for many years I was filled with a sense of serious urgency from the moment we decided to foster. I felt my purpose deep in my bones. It was undeniable. I micromanaged us like crazy to make sure we got thru the classes and paperwork as quickly as possible. Matt would laugh and say “You can’t get an A+ in foster parenting classes.” I didn’t care for recognition. I just wanted to be done with classes so we could meet the child who needed us.

For whatever reason signing was delayed a couple of weeks and so on a Tuesday we walked into the office and signed a stack of papers. The moment this was done were able to receive calls. I’d heard of people getting calls while in the meeting or the moment they got home. That’s how many kids are in need here in LA.

After we signed our paperwork we went and celebrated with coffee and donuts on Sunset Boulevard. We got home and the baby yoga mat I had ordered was delivered. I was not anticipating a newborn! More so a one to three year old.

I sat on the tiny mat in my yoga room and closed my eyes. I said “Thank you God for getting us here. We are ready.”

I’d love to give that sweet, naive pre-foster mama a hug. She was about to walk through the most beautiful, heart expanding, painful year of her life.

Mary Beth LaRueComment