Messy and Beautiful

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I love my family.

What you don’t see is that Matt and baby boy are making the exact same face.

Our day to day is filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of joy. We choose to live in this space because it’s good for our health and it’s good for this little guy.

We try not to waste our precious time together dwelling on what might or might not happen. Matt and I support each other in this. We say to one another: Come back.

I spent years trying to pad myself from feeling pain or grief. And I did such a good job I became quite numb. Now my heart has a lot of cracks and wear and tear and I feel it all. Feeling life has become something I do daily, like breathing and calling my mom. Feeling life and allowing it all to come in waves. Uncertainty always present but so is possibility.

I love this messy, beautiful family of mine. Thank you for taking this journey with me and for feeling life together.

Mary Beth LaRueComment