Slowing Down

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There’s a word I’m going to leave behind in 2018 and that word is HUSTLE.

Instead I’m focusing on being deliberate in where I focus my attention, in what I’m creating and in how I’m caring for myself and my family. Sometimes I scroll through Instagram and feel behind. And truthfully I feel exhausted. More, more, more. There’s so much pressure to create more, to make more, to attract more but the question I’m asking myself now is: What is the cost?.

I don’t want to pay that price by not having the time to appreciate what’s right here now. To pay the price of not being myself. To pay the price by not signing off or out.

As Edith Eger writes: When you have something to prove you aren’t free.

Cheers to slowing down, looking around and saying “Thank you” way more often than “What’s next?” There’s nothing to prove. And there’s everything to appreciate. Quality over quantity. It feels true in every way.

Mary Beth LaRueComment