Here To Be

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There are no words for how exposed I felt in this moment. I stood in front of everyone at the lululemon Immersion and I spoke my purpose statement. The one I had ninety seconds to write.

The moment I stepped into stage I pictured Baby A and I felt the last year and a half swell up inside of me. I showed my underbelly, absolutely nothing polished or inauthentic about it. I was shaking, heart beating out of control, tears running down my face. Hot mess express. But also fully human.

This is what I said:

I’m here to be a stand for authenticity and for soulfulness. For walking your talk.

A stand for the unconventional path to motherhood through foster care.

A stand for opening to uncertainty and impermanence with wide open arms. For growing your heart extra big and using up all of it.

A stand for being uncomfortable. For the introverts who have too much to say and do to sit back and be quiet.

A stand for family that encompasses way more than blood.

Here to be. For me and for you too.